CONTRAPROVA is a nonprofit association whose mission is to help production, promotion and distribution of Portuguese contemporary printmaking. Having established a fully and exclusively equipped workshop devoted to the printmaking, CONTRAPROVA is nowadays an important center for artistic production in Lisbon. From editorial projects and promotion of mediation spaces with the public, through the production of artist books to the coordination of exhibitions, CONTRAPROVA has grown into the important catalyst for the creation, reflection and debate in the field of printmaking in Portugal. A platform for communication, pedagogy and artistic mobility.
CONTRAPROVA was created in 2008 in an attempt to address the lack of a workspace for printmaking, accessible and without limitations of schedule. Young Portuguese and foreign artists resident in Portugal (Spain, Italy, Poland, and Serbia) united in love for engraving, gathered in Lisbon to design a workspace that brings together the sufficient conditions to perform this technique, and continue their own career plans. However, the main purpose of artistic and educational activity in the Studio is that the engraving can again be an active voice in the field of cultural activities in Portugal.
CONTRAPROVA is not a space but several possible paths, designed and projected on the future of a practice that has given us an important and wide cultural heritage.

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